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My Pleasure! And yours.

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

My coach texted me a few days before our scheduled appointment. "I'm so sorry to do this but something came up and I need to reschedule our appointment." She went on to explain that a friend was throwing herself a last minute birthday party and our appointment was to be the morning after. After a long 18 months of social distancing and lockdown, my coach was so ready to let loose and party. Who could blame her? She wondered if I mind rescheduling for later in the day or another more convenient time. When we agreed on the new time and calendar invites were updated, my coach thanked me again for being so flexible. "My pleasure!" I texted back.

I've been saying "my pleasure!" for a while now. When I was a banker in Toronto and I would jump through hoops to get a mortgage in place in record time it was my pleasure! When my neighbour asks me to watch her son for an hour it's always my pleasure! even though I could be doing something else (i.e. something "for me") instead of spending the time answering the never-ending "how comes?" and "whys?" of a 3-year old.

I've been saying "my pleasure!" for a while now.

After a few notable instances of accommodating requests and granting favours this week, I took some time to think about why I find it so pleasurable to adapt to the needs of others. Is it just something I say to mask my actual displeasure? Or am I really just a chronic people-pleaser? These were the possible answers that my mind came up with.

One of my go-to practices as a student, coach and facilitator of the Energy Codes® is to take a question to my body, to inquire within and see what my "other brains" (the ones in my gut and my heart) have to say. The questions I asked my body were: "Why is it always my pleasure to be of service to others?" And: "What are the feelings or sensations that arises from being flexible and accommodating?" Unlike the answers that came from my mind which feel uncertain and tentative, the answers that come from my body are knowing and definite.

I LOVE being in the flow of life and reminded that energetically, there's only one of us here.

When I help others, I am in alignment to my values. I feel expansive and light. These are the feelings I associate with collaboration and connection. Bottom-line, I LOVE being in the flow of life and reminded that energetically, there's only one of us here. It's only my mind, when it is operating out of sync with my body and spirit, that is inflexible, imposes rules and hates change.

We are not our minds. We are energetic beings, vibrational frequencies, that choose to come here for a human experience. To be in a body for a limited amount of time, to learn what we come here to learn with the goal of expanding consciousness. From that perspective, the body is the spokesperson for the true Self. And the mind is a tool with immense powers that we can learn how to train to serve the Soul.

We are not our minds. We are energetic beings, vibrational frequencies, that chose to come here for a human experience.

Now that I know what brings me pleasure (aka joy) I can intentionally do more of those things and less of the things that my conditioned my thinks I "should" or "have to" do. And the more I live in the vibrational frequency of joy, the more the universe brings me experiences that match it.

So what brings you joy? Where do you feel it and what does it feel like in your body? Don't ask your mind. I invite you to take 3 minutes today to close your eyes, connect with your breath and bring the questions to your core. I'd love to hear what comes up for you. Or if nothing comes up but you're curious about how all this mind, body, spirit stuff works, I'd love to chat about it with you. In fact, it would be my pleasure!

I'm Officially Open for Business!

You're reading this blog post on my newly launched website: Welcome! I'd be so grateful if you take a look around and let me know what you think. Here you'll find out more about me and the services I offer, including coaching and workshop facilitation on the topics of energy management, mindfulness, embodiment practices and how to live a life of purpose.

  • If you are interested in individual or couples coaching you can connect with me through my website or by email for a free consultation.

  • If you are interested in organizing a customized learning experience for groups - companies, community organizations or professional associations are all welcome - click on the file link below to find out more.

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Thank you!

The following bright lights helped me find my way on the path to launching my website. I am so grateful for their creativity and collaboration.

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